Department of Food and Beverage Management

Department of Food and Beverage Management

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Degrees offered


B.S.  Food and Beverage Management

M.S.  Innovation Management in Food and Beverage Industry

(qualified senior students can take courses offered by graduate school, thus can finish M.S. in one year)


Aim to increase students’ career competitiveness as well as international mobility.


Educational goals

  1. Cultivate professionals with operation and management expertise
  2. Cultivate professionals with culinary and service expertise


Brief History

The department, formerly known as the department of home economics, was established in 1958. It was the first department founded in the junior college of Taiwan area. Adhering to the spirit of school name, Putting into Practice, our instructional purposes are emphasized on both theory and practice. Two professional divisions, Foodservice Management and Children & Family Studies, were drawn up in order to cultivate operational, managerial and promotional professionals of related areas.

Due to the coming of e-century, the impact of Taiwan entering into World Trade Organization (WTO), and the growth of dine-out industry has led the managing pattern of foodservice industry to become more diversified and international. Therefore, Department of Food and Beverage Management was founded in 2004. One class is enrolled each school year for undergraduate and continuing education division, individually. Except for original features, food and beverage management skills are more focused on, to meet the demand of changing trend and school mid-and long-range plan-innovative development. Courses include: introduction to food and beverage management, traditional cuisine and service management, procurement, webpage design, franchise management, catering and food preparation, menu planning and design, nutrition, cost control, food sanitation and safety management, marketing which provide diversified and specialized knowledge and contribute to wholesome continuing development of food service industry.


Reasons to choose us

  1. Connecting to mater degree at HTMi in Switzerland (English proficiency qualification is required).
  2. Extension of the European and American sister schools exchange programs.
  3. Numerous overseas internship opportunities, including hotels in Switzerland, Japan, USA, Italy, and Australia.
  4. Enjoy short-term seminars and skill guidance by international professors and master chefs.


Strategic Partners


Strategic Partners